jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011


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Del congelador de la calle gravina se saca un bloque de hielo de 5 litros. 

The action begins in Madrid at 9.30 pm 

From freezer gravina Street a block of ice with 5 liters its pull. 

Its displacement will be 596km. 

Origin Madrid

Destination Vigo

Arriving time 18h 

Prince Street, Poetry Festival 

On the way collects the melt water every hour and notes the exact time and km in which they are. 

Vigo is reached at 17.51 pm and at 18, 15 action continues until all the wire is free. 

At 21h in front of Verbum Museum ask people to pull the water collected from the Canal de Isabel II to the Atlantic.


The first images are taken from video frames, in Vigo the photographer is Anton Vigo Ferreiro. 

April 2011

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